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DENVER — The Truth Check continues our fact checking of campaign commercials.

As the Campaign for Governor in Colorado intensifies, FOX31 and Channel 2 will be holding the future leader of Colorado Accountable.

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So far this cycle we have fact-checked Victor Mitchell’s campaign advertisement .

Now we are taking a closer look at Jared Polis’ first television commercial. 

We expect to see Polis commercials often this primary season — he has already committed $700,000 into the Denver television market.


Polis is a successful businessman – helping others start businesses

Exact quote in ad: “Not too many people start their own businesses successfully out of a dorm room.”

Verdict: TRUE

Reason: Polis has a net worth of at least $388 million – mostly from owning and eventually selling off websites and companies like, and American Information Systems.


Polis created schools for English learners and immigrants 

Exact quote in ad: “Jared used his success to start a school for English language learners.”

Verdict: TRUE

Reason: Polis’ money has been used to create the New America School,
which he along with several other philanthropists, has maintained and funded over the years.

Polis helped President Obama pass the Affordable Care Act 

Exact quote in ad: “Jared helped President Obama expand healthcare to millions.”

Verdict: TRUE

Reason: Polis did vote for the Affordable Care Act however it is important to note Polis’ support for the bill wasn’t always guaranteed. In 2009, Polis came under fire from many progressives in Colorado for objecting to a tax on families making more than $350,000 a year.

Polis only signed on to support the bill after the threshold was raised to $1 million. The Truth Check team deliberated this claim very carefully but concluded the exact language in the advertisement constituted a “true verdict.”

Why Democrats aren’t attack each other:

You may have noticed so far this campaign season many Republican candidates have criticized each other but Democrats have mostly stayed positive. That is because many candidates have signed the Clean Campaign Pledge from the Colorado Democratic Party.