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DENVER (KDVR) — We are in the thick of this midterm election season and more campaign ads are coming out every week from now until November. So, we are ramping up our Truth Check machine.

Here is a Truth Check on an ad about the Democratic candidate in the race for Colorado’s new congressional district, where the winner will help decide which party holds power in Congress.

This ad is from the Congressional Leadership Fund, a super PAC with ties to House GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy. They bought more than $100 million worth of ads with one goal: winning a Republican majority in the U.S. House.

In this Colorado ad, they set their sights on Democratic state Rep. Yadira Caraveo.

Truth Check: Super PAC ad on Yadira Caraveo

Another week, another Truth Check starting off with an opinion: “Radical politician Yadira Caraveo is failing you,” it claims.

The District 8 candidate is a pediatrician and former House Health and Insurance Committee vice chair who’s known for sponsoring bills addressing climate change and limiting the usage of ketamine following the death of Elijah McClain.

The ad goes on to say: “Caraveo was proud of her bill that could kill thousands of Colorado energy jobs. It was called a threat to livelihoods across the state, but Caraveo didn’t care.”

Not Exactly: Caraveo was one of four prime sponsors of SB19-181. The 2019 measure was designed to give local governments more power to regulate oil and gas operations in an effort to preserve public health.

She told the Denver Post back in 2020 that she was proud to sponsor that bill because it prioritizes the health and safety of our communities. Because of its design to give local government control, the impacts of the measure are different across the state. The article mentioned in the ad did say it threatened livelihoods across the state, but that and the statement saying she didn’t care are opinions.

“She pushed a gas tax hike,” the ad’s narrator says.

Not exactly. But she did vote for a state infrastructure bill in 2021 that would have imposed a 2 cents per gallon fee that will eventually move up to 8 cents per gallon in 2028. She also voted in favor this year of a bill to delay implementation of that fee until next spring.

“And the elimination of TABOR,” said the ad narrator.

That is true. Caraveo did call for an end to the Taxpayer Bill of Rights during one of her previous campaigns for her statehouse seat. Matt Mauro talked to her about it on Colorado Point of View back in August.

“The voters have spoken on this issue. I have seen firsthand as a legislator in the legislature how it limits our ability to fully fund education and take care of our infrastructure needs in the state, but it is what the law is. So what we made sure to do as Democrats is to give that money back early to give it in a way that is more fair to taxpayers,” Caraveo said.

The ad continues by saying, “To fund her extreme agenda. Caraveo is a radical politician focused on her partisan agenda rather than serving you.”

This is all an opinion.

The bottom line here is that this ad is one of 14 airing in tight congressional districts around the nation, pushed by a GOP-backed super PAC. And while it does highlight some moments from Caraveo’s record as a state lawmaker, the ad is not giving you the full context of how those events played out.