Truth Check: Both true and misleading claims in Proposition CC TV ads

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DENVER — The Problem Solvers continue their “Truth Check” series by sorting fact from fiction in political commercials airing on FOX31.

You can watch our previous “Truth Check” segments here and you can read our criteria and standards here.

Friday’s Truth Check focuses on Proposition CC, a ballot measure being voted on by Coloradans. Proposition CC would eliminate TABOR refunds in years in which the state collects too much money from taxpayers. Next year, Colorado is projected to collect more than $300 million in extra revenue, which equates to average refunds between $28 and $80 per person, depending on income.


Roads and bridges will be fixed if Proposition CC passes

Exact quote in ad: “It helps fix unsafe bridges and helps repair roads in poor condition.”

Verdict: True

Reason:  The official ballot language says bridges and roads will be addressed with the extra revenue. According to Colorado’s non-partisan Blue Book, it is estimated Colorado would receive around $110 million in extra revenue for transportation. However, the money would be spread out. Sixty percent would go to the State Highway Fund. Twenty-two percent would go to counties. Eighteen percent would go to cities and municipalities.


Colorado’s teacher shortage will be improved if Prop CC passes 

Exact quote in ad: “Prop CC helps attract and retain great teachers for our kids and grandkids.”

Verdict: Misleading

Reason:  According to legislation written by state lawmakers, school districts would receive around $110 million in extra education funding. School districts would receive new money based on per-pupil spending counts.

School districts could only use the money on non-reoccurring expenses. Salaries are a reoccurring expense. School leaders could, in theory, provide bonuses but salaries are a major issue with retaining and attracting high-quality teachers.

The campaign in support of passing proposition CC tells the Truth Check that they standby their claim it will attract and retain teachers in some way – citing a number of education groups that support the measure.

The group also says HB1258 specifically states extra money should go to INITIATIVES THAT HELP ATTRACT AND RETAIN EDUCATORS.


Taxes would not go up and accountability is built-in

Exact quote in ad: “It does not raise taxes and Prop CC requires an independent public audit every year.”

Verdict: True

Reason:  Tax rates do not change and an audit would be publicly released each year. However, refunds are money that originally came from taxes paid to the government.

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