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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KDVR) – President Donald Trump rallied Colorado Republicans Thursday with his first major political rally in the state since winning the 2016 election.

“Where else would you like to be but a Trump rally?” Trump said as he started his nearly two-hour address at the Broadmoor World Arena in Colorado Springs.

“We are going to win Colorado in a landslide,” Trump said.

Trump wasn’t alone inside the arena Thursday. Vice President Mike Pence joined Trump on stage and the president called up Republican members of Congress, including Sen. Cory Gardner.

“Together we will win,” Gardner told the crowd of about 10,000, ending any doubt Gardner will run alongside Trump in 2020 as he competes for reelection.

For about two hours, Trump delivered his greatest hits of sorts to the crowd: bashing the media, complaining about the Oscars choice for best picture (“Parasite”), name calling Democrats and calling out cities like Boulder and Denver for not helping Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

“Officials in Boulder defied federal law enforcement and released a previously deported child molester,” Trump said.

One big issue in Colorado Springs is whether Space Command with be headquartered there.

“We will be making that decision toward the end of the year,” Trump said.

After the rally, Donald Trump Jr. spoke to a FOX31 about winning the state in 2020 with FOX31 political reporter Joe St. George.

”The results speak for themselves,” Trump Jr. said.