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DENVER — The presidential campaign has entered the “get out the vote mode” with Colorado’s ballots being mailed to registered voters next week.

Monday vice presidential nominee Tim Kaine rallied voters with Dave Matthews at the National Western Complex in Denver.

Matthews said “we are all children of immigrants” as an indirect attack to Donald Trump.

Kaine took the stage and discussed in great detail Sunday’s debate — praising Clinton’s performance and blasting Donald Trump over the controversial and vile video released Friday.

“He doesn’t see women as equals,” Kaine said.

“Real men don’t act like that,” Kaine went on to say.

Kaine promised Clinton would forget about Trump the day she is elected.

Meanwhile in Greenwood Village, Eric Trump spoke with small business owners in a private roundtable event.

According to a pool report, Eric Trump arrived wearing a charcoal suit and white shirt, his hair slicked back. He greeted participants, saying, “We won last night,” and, “She even said nice things about us last night.”