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DENVER — The first day of the public impeachment hearings involving the impeachment of President Donald Trump have concluded.

While the American people can judge for themselves whether George Kent and Bill Taylor were credible witnesses, Colorado’s congressional delegation remains as split as they were before the hearing.

Colorado’s congressional Democrats are in favor of impeachment; Republicans are against it.


“Nothing changed my mind. I don’t see quid pro quo. I haven’t heard all the evidence, so I am not making any final judgments — but clearly, the Ukrainians didn’t know aide was being held up at the time of the call,” Republican Rep. Ken Buck said.

Buck is also chairman of the Colorado GOP.

“I think people on the left heard what they wanted to hear. I think the people on the right heard what they wanted to hear today. And I think people in the middle are still going to be confused,” Buck said in an interview with FOX31 Denver.

Democratic Rep. Diana DeGette, who represents the city of Denver and some suburbs, saw things differently than Buck.

“I thought both of the witnesses were very factual, very sober and very persuasive,” DeGette said.

DeGette believes having the information in the public will change the minds of many Americans, like it did with the Nixon hearings.

“I think what we saw with the Nixon impeachment, in particular, is when Americans saw the hearings and saw the witnesses testifying for themselves and were able to judge the credibility of those witnesses that really impacted Americans’ views. And I believe that will happen again here too,” DeGette said.