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DENVER — At It’s Natural Hair Salon in Cherry Creek, owner Tayler Barber says African-American female customers often say they have been asked by their boss to change their style for the workplace.

“It’s not the climate to have locks in your hair and be a CEO,” Barber said, adding, “Don’t be pressured to wear your hair any other way than the way you want to wear it.”

At the state Capitol, some lawmakers are looking to change that by allowing employees to file discrimination complaints against their employer if they are asked to change their hair style.

A version of the nationwide CROWN Act movement has been introduced this session.

“This bill will bar discrimination based on ethnic hair styles,” Rep. Leslie Herod (D-Denver) said. “They have the ability to bring this to the civil rights commission and file a claim.”

The bill applies all races, and to both men and women.

Currently, the bill as introduced only covers ethnic styles and not hair color — like someone with pink or purple hair.

A committee hearing is scheduled for the bill in the coming weeks.