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DENVER — At a town hall in Denver on Friday night, Colorado Democratic Sen. Michael Bennet responded to the latest news regarding the unfolding Russian investigation.

“The investigation should go forward and we should follow the evidence,” Bennet told the crowd at Montview Boulevard Presbyterian Church.

Afterward, Bennet was asked what he hoped former FBI Director James Comey tells the public when he testifies.

“He should just tell the truth and explain to the American people the facts,” Bennet said.

The senator seemed to applaud the decision to appoint former FBI Director Robert Mueller as special counsel on the investigation.

Bennet also had a briefing with the deputy attorney general on Thursday.

When asked if he believed the investigation involves a possible cover-up by the Trump administration, Bennet said, “No, absolutely not,.”

Bennet did seem to express frustration that the investigation is impending others things in Washington — with officials not knowing what news will happen next.

“Just like you and just like your viewers, nobody knows what show is going to drop tomorrow,” Bennet said.