Senate candidate Darryl Glenn responds to past Orlando shooting statement accusations

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DENVER — Democrats in Colorado have pounced on apparent past statements that Republican Senate candidate Darryl Glenn made earlier this year during a forum after the Orlando, Fla., shooting.

In the gathering in June, Glenn appeared to accuse President Barack Obama of directing the FBI to not fully investigate the shooter.

“I think we need to have hearings on this. I think people need to be held accountable,” Glenn said in a recording originally sent to the Huffington Post. “I want to know whether or not our FBI personnel were personally directed to look the other way. Don’t you want to know that? The president should be held to account for that if he gave direction that limited the FBI.”

At the Red State gathering on Friday, where Glenn was a speaker, Glenn was asked about his comments before aides urgently ushered him away.

“Were those comments yours and do you stand by that statement?” Glenn was asked.

“If you actually listen to what I said, I don’t think they understood exactly what I was talking about,” Glenn said.

“Do you believe the president directed the FBI not to investigate?” Glenn was asked.

“I have no basis for even making that assessment,” Glenn said.

“Darryl’s point is that we have a president who refuses to even name our enemy, much less do what it takes to destroy them,” Glenn campaign spokeswoman Katey Price said. “His administration has tied the hands of our law enforcement and military with ridiculous rules of engagement that have made America less safe. Sadly, until we radically change our policy, we will see a lot more tragedies like the one in Orlando.”

Glenn is facing incumbent Sen. Michael Bennet in the November election.

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