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DENVER — It was one of the biggest criticisms of Sen. Cory Gardner for months — no in-person town hall meetings.

That changed Tuesday when the senator hosted three of them in Colorado Springs, Greeley and Lakewood.

Each event was contentious with some crowd members being escorted out by law enforcement.

Police escort a protester from Sen. Gardner’s town hall meeting

Democrats made up the majority of the crowds. They’re  upset with the Gardner’s votes on health care.

“I want to know how you justify voting for all the Trumpcare since most of us here don’t agree with it,” one person asked Gardner.

“I’m here to tell you, you are wrong,” another yelled at the senator.

Despite the boos and interruptions, Gardner insisted he was against the status quo and socialized medicine.

Gardner used a derogatory work to call out the neo-Nazis in Charlottesville, Virginia over the weekend, but did not agree with many in the crowd wanting him to ask President Donald Trump to fire some staffers with loose connections to the groups.

“The president was wrong,” Gardner said when asked about Trump’s recent comments blaming the left for the Virginia violence.

At each event, most expressed approval of the senator for hosting the events, wanting more soon.

“He is a very polished politician,” Greeley resident Scott McClean said.