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DENVER — It was a controversial proposal from the start, Colorado lawmakers debating a bill to allow a safe injection site in Denver.

Safe injection sites allow for users of heroin and other drugs to go to a facility where they can get high without fear of arrest.

Supporters argue it reduces overdoses and deaths. But Republican leaders in the State Senate do not appear sold on the idea.

On Monday, Democrats pulled the bill from committee, fearing it would be voted down by Republicans.

In a news conference, Republican senators acknowledged their concerns.

“I can’t keep my mind wrapped around creating these enclaves of places where illegal activity is brushed under the rug,” said Kevin Grantham, leader of the GOP in the State Senate.

“I struggle with the idea of allowing safe zones to do illegal activity that actually harms people,” said State Sen. Jerry Sonnenberg, R-Garfield.

Supporters of the measure say they are working on amendments to try to convince Republican leadership.