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DENVER — Democratic congressional candidate Andrew Romanoff released an internal poll Tuesday showing him trailing Congressman Mike Coffman by just a point, an effort to dispel the notion that the race is trending toward Coffman.

Coffman leads Romanoff by a margin of 44-43 percent in the survey by Chris Keating, a Colorado-based pollster who typically works for Democratic candidates and whose surveys are regarded to be fairly accurate.

In the poll, 13 percent of voters remain undecided.

Romanoff has an 11-point edge with voters who are registered unaffiliated.

Several Beltway prognosticators have said that the race seemed to be moving in the incumbent’s favor, mostly due to the broader electoral environment, and last week’s announcement by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee that it was shifting $1 million in TV ads it had planned to spend on behalf of Romanoff to try to help an embattled Democratic incumbent at risk of losing his seat in Iowa seemed to confirm that.

“The latest numbers confirm what we’ve known all along: This race is a dead heat,” said Denise Baron, Romanoff’s spokeswoman. “Mike Coffman and the out-of-state interest groups that back him have spent millions of dollars attempting to tear Andrew apart. Their strategy hasn’t worked — and it won’t.

“Andrew’s extraordinary record of leadership, his firm focus on growing the economy and strengthening the middle class, and the grassroots enthusiasm of nearly 1,000 volunteers have enabled us to pull even with the congressman.  The voters of this district are hungry for change, and on Nov. 4, that’s exactly what they’ll produce.”

Keating’s survey sample has a five-point advantage for Republicans, who make up 37 percent of the respondents, compared to 32 percent that are Democrats and 31 percent unaffiliated.

Coffman’s campaign, which celebrated the DCCC’s funding decision last week, acknowledged that the race is very close.

“We always knew this race would be close and are taking nothing for granted,” said Tyler Sandberg, Coffman’s spokesman. “Mike is going to win on the strength of his bipartisan leadership and tireless work ethic. This campaign is keeping the pedal down.”

Romanoff’s poll, Sandberg added, was “garbage.”

“Team Coffman is just going to keep working hard, while Andrew Romanoff spends time and campaign money on polls that appear to have been commissioned from the back room of the dollar store,” he said.

“That’s our way of saying the poll is garbage, but we aren’t taking anything for granted.”