Rep. DeGette talks safety, unity and impeachment trial


DENVER (KDVR) — Following President Donald Trump’s second impeachment in the House and the upcoming Inauguration Day, security is top-of-mind for lawmakers around the nation.

Two House Democrats from Colorado are helping to manage the impeachment process as it heads to the Senate.

A day after impeaching the president, Rep. Diana DeGette is calling for unity.

“We should all be proud to be Americans,” DeGette said. “Now, we all need to work together to try to heal the wounds that Donald Trump has inflicted on our country.”

More than a week after the riot at the nation’s Capitol, there is still unease among lawmakers who were inside when it happened.

“I keep trying to come home to Denver but I’m stuck here in Washington. As I look out my window, I see eight National Guardsmen standing on the corner. So that’s been quite something to see — the security ramp up in the last week,” said DeGette, who represents the city of Denver and some suburbs.

The National Guard in Washington is standing by as thousands more from around the nation prepare to deploy ahead of President-elect Joe Biden’s inauguration. At least 200 troops from Colorado are heading to DC.

As the president calls for calm following his second impeachment, DeGette said she believes the attack on the Capitol will still be fresh on the minds of Republican senators.

“Not only were the senators seeing this, they were actually victims of this because they were themselves in the Senate chambers debating this. So the senators know how egregious this was. And already, several of them have said they think it’s an impeachable offense,” DeGette said.

“Now, it’s a high bar in the Senate because you have to get 2/3, so we would have to get all the Democrats plus 17 Republicans. But I assuredly think the evidence warrants it,” she said.

The Senate is currently in recess and not scheduled to come back until the day before the inauguration.

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