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DENVER — The spokeswoman for the group behind the recalls of two Democratic Colorado lawmakers offered “proof” Thursday of their cooperation with an operative who used to work for Organizing for America, President Obama’s former campaign organization that was refashioned this year into Organizing for Action with a new focus on promoting the president’s agenda.

Jennifer Kerns, the spokesperson for the Basic Freedoms Defense Fund, is attacking Sen. Angela Giron, D-Pueblo, for working with an OFA operative after she criticized “outside interests” of influencing Colorado’s recall elections in a mailer.

In reality, outside groups are involved on both sides of the recalls of Giron and Senate President John Morse, Democrats who irked some constituents with their support of tougher gun control legislation earlier this year.

Kerns herself is a California native — she tweets using her @CAPartyGirl handle — who was the spokesperson there for Proposition 8, the state’s former ban on gay marriage just overturned by the Supreme Court.

In a press release sent to reporters Thursday, Kerns, provided photos of a vehicle with an Illinois license plate that apparently belongs to Chris Shallow, an OFA veteran who worked in the campaign’s North Carolina offices last year.

“While Sen. Giron falsely attacked Pueblo born-and-raised brothers Victor and Adam Head of Pueblo Freedom and Rights, she was benefiting from the aid of Chicago-based operatives,” she said. “It is the ultimate hypocrisy.”

According to Kerns, OFA “operatives from Chicago were spotted in Pueblo on Tuesday as they skulked around the grand opening of the new headquarters for Pueblo Freedom and Rights, the proponents of the Giron Recall. They were captured in photos and on video and admitted to being shipped in from Chicago.”

According to Ellen Dumm, a Democratic operative close to the Giron campaign, Shallow isn’t working for OFA anymore.

“He’s staff for [Giron],” Dumm said.

OFA was re-launched earlier this year with a promise that it wouldn’t endorse candidates or delve into electoral politics, although POLITICO reported last week that it had already crossed over and was working on behalf of a few Democratic 2014 candidates.

The photo of Shallow’s vehicle also doesn’t help Kerns explain her statement to NRA News radio earlier this week that Morse’s campaign was “planning to commit massive amounts of voter fraud including ballots possibly being mailed in from Chicago.”

Of Morse, Dumm said “this woman is a hot mess from California.”