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DENVER — Democrats have had a real battle on their hands the past few months in Colorado’s 6th Congressional District.

Levi Tillemann and Jason Crow are competing for the Democratic nomination to take on Congressman Mike Coffman in November.

Tillemann has accused Crow as “colluding” with top Democrats for trying to get him to drop out of the race. 

Crow for his part called Tilleman pepper spraying himself in the eyes a “stunt.”

“I’m the only progressive running in the 6th congressional district,” Tillemann said.

” I’m the first combat veteran to go up against Mike Coffman,” Crow said.

Both candidates believe this year will be different for Democrats in the 6th.

In previous elections, Democrats have always entered Election Day optimistic Coffman could be defeated, but each time Coffman seems to pull away with overwhelming victories.

In 2016, Hillary Clinton won the 6th but Coffman won by 30,000-plus votes.

Tillemann has positioned himself as the most progressive in the race vowing to impeach Trump and vote out Nancy Pelosi as Democratic Leader.

“I’m the only candidate who is fighting to impeach Donald Trump,” Tillemann said.

Crow for his part believes the Mueller probe into Trump should be protected but isn’t ready to commit to an impeachment vote.

Crow believes a challenger to Pelosi should emerge but wouldn’t rule out voting for her.

“I would like to see healthy competition, I got to win my race first,” Crow said.

On the issues the candidates can appear similar but on health care Crow is for a federal public option to improve health care costs while Tillemann supports Medicare for all.

In regards to Tillemann’s pepper spray ad — calling for pepper spray to be part of solution to gun violence — this reaction.

“This should be part of an arsenal of non-lethal self defense tools,” Tillemann said.

“We aren’t going to have productive decisions about serious issues like gun violence by pulling stunts,” Crow added.

As far as the race?

“We are an insurgent candidacy – I wouldn’t call us an underdog,” Tillemann said.

“We have the army on the ground that can win this race and move this country in a better direction,” Crow said.