DENVER (KDVR) — Law enforcement sources confirmed with FOX31 a ghost gun was found near the body of Austin Lyle.

Sources also confirmed a ghost rifle was found in his home by police when he was 16 years old. Lawmakers say they want to crack down on the so-called ghost guns so we don’t see more incidents involving them.

The bill has not been introduced yet, but it is something lawmakers have been working on for a while, hoping this lessens and helps trace crime.

State lawmakers are getting ready to introduce a measure that would make creating and possessing ghost guns illegal.

“Ghost guns are un-serialized firearms. Basically, what that means is that you can print or buy a kit of a ghost gun without going to an official store that has the regulations associated with a gun,” said state Senator Rhonda Fields. “This is real, this is relevant and we in the State of Colorado have an opportunity to address it.”

Fields, who is sponsoring the measure, said lawmakers are still working on potential penalties but current ghost gun owners would have to register their firearms under the new proposal. Gun rights advocates like Rocky Mountain Gun Owners worry a lot of lawful owners of firearms would be in violation of the law if it passes.

“These are untraceable, so there is no real way to know, however, the ATF estimates there are about two million of those. However, I would suggest that it is likely three or four times that number,” said Rocky Mountain Gun Owners Executive Director Taylor Rhodes.

Lawmakers believe the effort would make sure more people go through background checks and help law enforcement and prosecutors track crime. Fields said the bill has enough support to pass.

“We know that the Governor mentioned it in his State of the State Address, it still has to pass both chambers, but most people want to live in a community that is safe and free of gun violence,” said Fields.

Rhodes said it will face legal challenges if it were to become law.

“We believe if this passes and it becomes law and we sue, we will win that legal challenge,” said Rhodes.

Senator fields said this measured has been vetted with the Office of the Attorney General and she believes it will withstand any legal challenges. It is expected to be introduced sometime next week.