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DENVER — Make sure to send in your ballot soon, the U.S. Postal Service reminds voters.

Colorado voters have until Nov. 3 to make sure their vote will be counted in the 2015 local election. Ballots must be received by 7 p.m. Nov. 3 to be counted and postmarks do not count.

The USPS said millions of ballots were sent to registered voters earlier this month and the postal service is ready for them to be returned.

“The Postal Service anticipates a large influx this week and we are ready to ensure each and every Colorado vote is counted this year,” USPS District Manager Selwyn Epperson said.

All ballots sent via mail require proper postage. In some instances, extra postage because of weight is required.

The USPS said any ballots filled after Friday should be dropped off at designated locations established by the local county/clerk recorder.

So far, the Postal Service has delivered 2.9 million ballots to Colorado voters.