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DENVER (KDVR) — Three Republicans were in the running for Secretary of State to go against incumbent Jena Griswold. The winner of the GOP race is Pam Anderson.

The Secretary of State is the head of the state department and interprets election laws and oversees elections. Both topics were a hot topic in Colorado since Griswold’s was elected in 2018.

Anderson was first elected to an office in 2003 when she served as the non-partisan city clerk for the City of Wheat Ridge and then served as the Republican clerk and recorder for Jefferson County. According to Anderson’s website, if elected she will look into election fraud, believes elections administrations can be improved, and provide fair and transparent elections.

Anderson defeated Tina Peters and Mike O’Donnell. She issued the following statement after winning:

“Tonight, Colorado voters nominated someone that is a competent, experienced professional for
their candidate for Secretary of State in November. They are sending a clear message to the
current Secretary of State that they are ready to restore a trusted and fair leader to the office. I am
humbled by their support. I don’t take their trust lightly. I commit to serve this office faithfully
and put public service and accountability first. I’m not interested in using this campaign nor this
office as a platform for hyper partisan and self-serving politics but to be a leader that Colorado

“There are clear differences between my vision for the office of Secretary of State and my
opponents, Republican or Democratic. As an election official for nearly twenty years and having
represented one of the most politically diverse counties in the country, I know that as Coloradans
we share the most important values as Americans— for accessible, accurate, and fair elections. I
will continue my fight for restoring the confidence of Colorado voters against lies and the
politicians or interest groups that seek to weaponize elections administration for political

“As a leader for local elections officials, I want to thank them for their work and service, and I
am so proud of how we follow the lead of all voters to provide access to their rights, under the
most difficult conditions we have ever faced. Voter confidence has been shaken, and well-meaning people do have questions and concerns. I won’t shy away from these debates and will
support local election officials through reliance on evidence-based elections, adherence to the
law, training, and funding resources. I will be the fair referee for Colorado to continue to
improve both access for voters and securing and enhancing our elections. These efforts won’t be
driven by partisan politics or campaign talking points but focused on policy and rebuilding
confidence in our elections by removing the rhetoric and outright lies that are driving debates in
echo chambers.

“My campaign and this election will go beyond just who is the most qualified and experienced to
serve the voters of Colorado. It will be about who has the proven leadership to stand up for these
principles with trust and integrity.”

Anderson will go against Griswold in the general election on Nov. 8.