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Washington DC — While in Washington DC, FOX31 reporter Joe St. George sat down with Senator Cory Gardner and Senator Michael Bennet regarding tax reform.

“I think it’s likely it’s going to get out of conference,” Senator Michael Bennet, a Democrat, said.

“I believe this bill will be on the President’s desk within the next 13 days,” Senator Cory Gardner, a Republican said.

That however is about all that exists in terms of agreement between the two.

“If you are family of four, median household income, taxes will be 60 percent lower than they are today,” Gardner said.

Bennet agreed taxes will go down, however it will be pennies, not thousands.

Bennet said of people making less than $50,000 a year.

“90 million people are going to split 14 billion dollars and that is worth $106 a year that is $7 and fifty cents a paycheck,” Bennet said.

The nonpartisan congressional budget office has already said those making less than thirty thousand dollars a year would see an increase in taxes however Gardner disputes that report.

“Well I just don’t think those numbers are true, if you look at the zero tax bracket, it has been doubled — if you earn up to 24 thousand dollars,  you won’t pay taxes at all, so what the CBO has done has taken into account statistics that simply don’t exist,” Gardner said.

Much criticism has been directed at Republicans for how they passed their version of the tax bill. At 2AM in the morning on a Saturday.

“Is this the way our founding fathers envisioned legislation being passed?” Fox 31 political reporter Joe St. George asked.

“Look what we had were democratic amendments that were accepted we had hours of debate,” Gardner said.

“Some people saw papers written in scribbles, it didn’t seem like there was a lot of time to decide?” St. George pressed.

“Look I think people had time to decide whether they wanted tax relief or not,” Gardner responded.

Gardner believes businesses will  pass the benefits down to employees. Bennet disagrees.

“It explodes an already exploding deficit,” Bennet said.