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DENVER (KDVR) — It’s been 100 days since an angry mob stormed the United States Capitol and federal prosecutors continue to pursue cases against five men with Colorado connections.

The pressure on them is now mounting, after one of 410 people arrested in the attack has pleaded guilty.

Jon Schaffer is described as a lifelong member of the Oath Keepers, an extremist group. In his plea deal, he promised “full cooperation” with the government on its investigation. Investigators have not hinted about what evidence he could offer, but agreed to sponsor him for the witness protection program.

To date, federal investigators have collected more than 270,000 tips from the public and have served more than 900 warrants.

They plan to continue to make arrests in the weeks and months ahead.

The men with Colorado ties are set to appear in federal court as soon as next week, as their cases continue.

Jeffrey Sabol is facing eight federal charges and is still in jail. He’s accused of dragging a police officer down the Capitol stairs to be beaten.

The other four defendants with Colorado ties have been released from federal custody on personal recognizance bonds.

Robert Gieswein, Patrick Montgomery, Glenn Wes Lee Croy and former Olympic swimmer Klete Keller are facing a number of charges and decades in prison if they’re convicted.