Latest campaign ads feature Biden’s grin, astronaut John Glenn

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DENVER — With 22 days left in an election that is now essentially tied, both campaigns released new TV ads on Monday that will air in heavy rotation for at least a week in swing states like Colorado.

A new spot from Mitt Romney’s campaign features an edited compilation from last Thursday’s vice presidential debate where Congressman Paul Ryan is talking about the economy going “in the wrong direction” while Vice President Joe Biden, shown in a split screen, is breaking out into a wide grin.

“Did they come in and inherit a tough situation? Absolutely,” Ryan says, while Biden is shown on the left side of the screen smiling. “But we’re going in the wrong direction.”

The Obama campaign, meanwhile, has a number of new, positive spots on the air.

One of them, titled “Main Street”, features a number of ordinary people describing how their small businesses have turned a corner under President Obama.

“We have a future at our plant now,” one woman says.

The ad shows video of workers in a manufacturing plant and of Obama himself, embracing an auto worker on the assembly line.

“Stick with this guy,” an especially blue-collar Midwesterner with a thick accent says as the ad concludes. “He will move us forward.”

In Ohio, the Obama campaign is out with a new spot featuring the state’s former senator, astronaut John Glenn.

In the spot titled “Character”, Glenn, 91, says: “Growing up in Ohio, you learn to size up a person based on their character. And that’s why I’m supporting President Obama.

“He stood firm against the doubters and helped rescue the auto industry.”

Obama’s lead in Ohio, which had been nearing double-digits, now down to a couple of points.

The Buckeye State firewall is largely the result of the president’s support for the auto bailouts that saved thousands of jobs in northern Ohio, but it’s being put to the test as Mitt Romney continues to ride a wave of increasing support and momentum following his decisive debate win over Obama in Denver on Oct. 3.

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