In email to members, RMGO’s Dudley Brown blasts GOP lawmaker for filing ethics complaint, seeks donations


State Rep. Cheri Gerou, R-Evergreen, won’t run for another term in the House or for the Senate District 16 seat.

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DENVER — In an email to his entire membership, Dudley Brown, the director of Rocky Mountain Gun Owners, is again attacking state Rep. Cheri Gerou for “wanting to silence RMGO and gun rights supporters like you” — even though she voted against the Democratic gun control package.

Brown’s email is in response to an ethics complaint Gerou, R-Evergreen, filed against his lobbyist, Joe Neville, who admitted to threatening Gerou with a new round of political mailers in her district after she told him to “F*** off” during a debate over the gun bills at the Capitol.

Gerou was upset with Neville because RMGO had been encouraging her constituents to pressure her to vote against the package of gun control measures and insinuating that she might support them, even though that was never the case.

Brown told FOX31 Denver Tuesday night that Gerou did not vote no on every Democratic gun control bill, pointing out that she voted in favor of House Bill 1043, which was introduced after the bulk of the proposals and would set up a committee to study restricting firearms from those with mental health issues.

She also failed to return a RMGO questionnaire about her positions on the bills, according to Brown.

“She’s among the weakest Republicans down there,” Brown said. “Of course we’d be pushing her on this issue.”

A six-member panel of lawmakers that included two Republicans voted unanimously to proceed with an investigation of Gerou’s complaint.

On April 3, Neville walked out of the ethics hearing after reading a statement and telling the lawmakers that he would no longer participate in their investigation.

“I’ve decided not to be the model penitent for your unconstitutional tribunal. In fact, I reject this entire process,” Neville said.

Now, with the outcome of the hearing still up in the air, Brown is riling up his members with an email and Facebook post.

“I can’t begin to tell you how bad it will be if we lose this fight,” Brown writes, saying that Neville could be banned from the Capitol and “all real, pro-gun dissent could be muted at the State Capitol.”

Brown also writes that lawyers fees could bankrupt RMGO.

It’s followed by a fundraising pitch.

“If you stand up for your 2nd amendment rights you will be harassed, cursed at, charged with a crime, called before an anti-gun tribunal, ridiculed publicly in the press and ultimately have sanctions imposed by an anti-gun legislative body,” Brown writes.

“That’s why I’m asking you to make a special – but immediate – contribution to Rocky Mountain Gun Owners today. The stakes are so high.”

Brown, whose membership has quadrupled since the Democrats introduced their gun control package earlier this year, probably isn’t in real danger of seeing his operation go bankrupt.

He told FOX31 Denver Tuesday that his companion organization, the National Association for Gun Rights, has spent upwards of $2.5 million lobbying against gun control measures in Congress.

Gerou, of course, is a viable GOP candidate who could challenge Democratic Sen. Jeanne Nicholson for her S.D. 18 seat in 2014; Tim Neville, Joe’s father and a former state senator himself, is Brown’s preferred candidate for that seat.

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