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DENVER — If Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper is going to announce a run for the presidency, it will not involve Ohio Republican Gov. John Kasich.

“My future is squarely with the Democratic Party,” Hickenlooper said at the State Capitol on Tuesday.

If any further proof is needed, Hickenlooper said Kasich hadn’t even called him after the news he was creating a PAC to further explore a possible presidential campaign.

Kasich and Hickenlooper’s bipartisan health care plan earlier this year created some speculation the two might launch a “unity ticket.”

“Gov. Kasich didn’t even send me a text, I was crushed,” Hickenlooper said jokingly — which prompted laughter from the crowd gathered.

As far as the purpose of the “Giddy Up” PAC, Hickenlooper said, “It just means I am exploring it — which I have been doing for the last several months anyway. This allows me the ability and a certain amount of freedom — I can gather more information, I can go around the country, I can support candidates in other states.”

As for a timetable, sources say Hickenlooper might wait until after he leaves office in January to make a decision.

One negative for Hickenlooper? Well over a dozen candidates are considering a run on the Democratic side.

One positive for Hickenlooper? Some Republicans aren’t afraid to say good things about him.

Republican Colorado Springs Mayor John Suthers said of a possible candidacy, “Look at Jimmy Carter, look at Bill Clinton, they were relatively unknown governors when the process started and they both wound up presidents of the United States.”