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DENVER – Colorado Democrats are passing controversial new bills into law.

Among them, SB 181, the oil and gas reform measure which advanced to Governor Polis’ desk last week.

Under Colorado law, voters are allowed to recall an elected official if they don’t like the job they are doing.

That is precisely what Rep. Rochelle Galindo is facing.

Galindo, a Democrat, voted in support of SB 181.

“I think it definitely has something to do with how I identity as a person,” Galindo said.

“I’m not only the first openly gay elected official to a statewide office from Weld County, I am also the first person of color,” Galindo added.

When asked if Galindo regrets her vote on SB 181 she replied “absolutely not” but expressed frustration just a few months into taking office she is facing this kind of opposition.

“It’s absolutely frustrating,” Galindo added.

Recall supporters will need to collect 5,696 signatures by June 3rd.

Galindo won by 1535 votes in 2018.

The opposition campaign has already raised over $100,000 for the effort.

Democrats last week launched a website to support Galindo in the recall effort.

Those seeking to recall Galindo have launched a website as well.