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DENVER — Less than 24 hours after the General Assembly session ended, Gov. John Hickenlooper said he is contemplating calling a special session.

“I’m going to think about it and make a decision by Monday,” Hickenlooper said Thursday.

While Hickenlooper did call the 120-day session “successful,” he expressed frustration at transportation and energy issues.

Specifically, Hickenlooper said he was “befuddled” that lawmakers could not come to an agreement regarding the Colorado Energy Office. As a result, the office will shut down July 1.

“To be honest, I couldn’t believe the two sides would allow Colorado to be the first state in the western part of the country without an energy office. I couldn’t believe it,” Hickenlooper said.

He said he will work to find the 24 people in the energy office who are expected to lose their jobs places to work after July 1 if a special session is not called.

Republicans reacted negatively to the potential news of a special session.

“I appreciate the governor’s desire to get things done,” Senate President Kevin Grantham said.

“But we had an opportunity for him to have engaged on these issues during a 120-day session, and now it’s Day 121. Unless the governor can point to successes on any of these issues he’s guaranteed to have, he’ll just be wasting taxpayer dollars.”