Government shutdown may soon affect food stamp recipients

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DENVER — The ripple effect of the partial government shut down could soon be felt by 220,000 Colorado families, 40,000 of those households are in Denver alone who are the recipients of food stamps.

Problem Solvers learned that Denver county human services are staying open later tonight to help out as many families as possible to get re-certified.

Problem Solvers is getting the word out, if you or someone you know is a SNAP recipient, don’t waste time, act now.

It’s called the supplemental nutrition assistance program, or SNAP, “it means a lot because if not we would probably, there would be a lot of days where my kids would not be eating.“ Said Wendy Hernandez, SNAP recipient.

If the governments partial shut down continues, people could be without food. So in response to the shut down the United States department of agriculture has asked states to issue February’s SNAP benefits early, ”because of the federal government shut down we need to get SNAP payments out the door faster than we normally would.“ Said Julie Smith, Denver Human Services spokesperson.

Denver resident Wendy Hernandez has been receiving
SNAP assistance for five years, has two children, and was alerted by her case manager to get in and re-certify, “today was my deadline to come in and finish the paperwork and give them the proper stuff that they needed.”

Hernandez got in just in time. But if she didn’t, all would not be lost, ”if someone misses the deadline we will still be able you get your benefits out February once we re-certify you.“ Said Smith. As long as there are monetary resources, that is.

Dana Kester has been on food assistance for 20 years, and says SNAP is essential for her survival, ” for me, myself, for one person, the amount that I get every month is definitely enough to feed me through the month.

What would she do if the shutdown continues? ” I don’t think I would start but I would definitely Think it would be a huge difference our house without the amount of food that we have currently our cup boards.”

If you are on SNAP and did not receive a letter to recertify, you should be OK.

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