Gov. Hickenlooper pardons 22 criminal offenders; names released

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DENVER — Gov. John Hickenlooper has pardoned 22 individuals for crimes committed in the state within the past several years.

The governor received more than 470 applications and said he spent about 50 hours reviewing various applications and each victim, if there was one, was made aware.

There were no offenders guilty of major crimes such as murder or domestic violence.

“These are 22 people who at one time in Colorado did something that forever changed their lives the consequences have kept them from advancing at work, at renting an apartment, walking into a job interview and getting a fair shot. It’s gotten in the way of them what they consider more meaningful lives,” Hickenlooper said at a news conference.

There is one armed robbery and several marijuana possessions — in some cases from decades ago. Marijuana is now legal in the state.

Each of the individuals pardoned pleaded guilty initially and the governor said each one turned their life around in a meaningful way that warranted a pardon.

  • Breana Bright: Theft from 2007
  • Linda Burch: Marijuana possession 1992
  • Robert Busse: Criminal trespass in 1989
  • Jerome Casper: Theft in 1983
  • Donald Corkum: Theft in 1978
  • Trina Cutcher: Possession of controlled substance 1996
  • Matthew Eschenfelder: Theft in 2005
  • Donald Haggart: Aggregated motor vehicle assault in 1988
  • Robert Harsh: Marijuana possession in 1972
  • Mark Horner: Theft in 1997
  • Christopher Karr: Providing false information in 1994
  • Travis Leach: Marijuana possession in 2005
  • Judith Lopez: Second-degree forgery in 1981
  • Joe Maestas: Possession of controlled substance in 1992
  • Louis Mitchell: Possession if marijuana in 2000
  • Charles Pope: Taking parts of motor vehicle in 1962
  • Demitrius Roberts: Possession of controlled substance in 1995
  • Frances A. Sagel: Forgery in 1996
  • Bounlom Souvannamacho: Common theft in 1994
  • Wayne Thomas: Aggravated robbery use of a deadly weapon in 1997
  • David Thyfault: Marijuana possession in 1969
  • James Wachsman: Selling marijuana in 1972

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