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DENVER — New estimates from the Colorado Center on Law and Policy project 238,000 people in the state might lose insurance if the Republican replacement plan goes through.

But to understand who will win and who will lose under the plan, the subject is much more complex and depends on age and income.

On Medicaid through expansion

Without question, this group is the biggest loser since coverage is scheduled to be dramatically reduced under the GOP plan in 2020.

Person in their 20s making $27,000

This group is a winner for a couple reasons. The mandate is no longer there, meaning means young, healthy people can risk not having insurance again without fear of IRS penalties.

Also, the bill still allows people younger than 26 to stay on the parents’ plan if they wish. It is also anticipated that premiums will decrease in future years by 10 percent should young people elect to get coverage.

On exchange making $75,000

This group a loser because under the plan, tax credits will begin to decrease for those making $75,000 a year.

Married with income of more than $250,000

This group is the biggest winner because taxes are cut. The GOP reduces the investment tax and Medicare surtax. It’s estimated that for someone making $3.75 million a year, they could save close to $200,000 a year.

Americans 55-64 on exchange with incomes less than $75,000

AARP is against this bill because it allows insurance companies to charge older Americans five times the cost of younger Americans.

“Just by nature of their age they are going to have to pay more,” said Bob Murphy, the Colorado director of AARP said.