FOX31 undecided voter panel: 5 of 12 now know who they’re voting for

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DENVER — We rounded up 12 people of different ages and genders, all of whom were trying to narrow down their picks for president. Then we put them in a room and turned on the Denver debate Wednesday.

During an hour-and-a-half of sparring, these voters listened carefully, taking notes, trying to narrow down which candidate would be right for them.

After watching the debate how many them came away with a clearer picture of who they’d be voting for?

Five of the 12  told us they had made or were much closer to making that decision. We asked those five how they formed that opinion.

“I was somewhat undecided before these debates but after hearing both sides on domestic policy I would have to favor Obama,” Alex Krull said. “He was more direct as opposed to Romney, who was just avoiding the question.”

“I`m kind of leaning towards Romney, because I thought he was pretty strong,” Greg Durfee said. “At first when they were talking about jobs I thought Obama was a little uncomfortable, maybe a little confused. But I`m still not 100 percent on who I`m going to back.”

“Obama would address the public a lot and look straight into the camera,” Becky Bechlesaid. “I think for Romney, that he still was kind of skirting the issues.”

“I think they both need to step it up and come up with a better plan,” Beau Carter. “There was no details out there, it was just I have a way to fix it but they weren`t telling us what it is.”

“It just doesn`t seem like either of them have a really clear plan for my future, my daughter`s future, and that makes me really nervous,” Sarah Struble. “So actually at this point I`m leaning more towards third party.”

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