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DENVER (KDVR) — One day after a mob of President Donald Trump supporters stormed the U.S. Capitol to stop the certification of President-Elect Joe Biden’s victory, a former election law attorney for Colorado Republicans told FOX31 claims of voter fraud is a giant myth.

“I was asked to find voter fraud and there is no wide-scale voter fraud. And if anyone wanted to find it, it was me. It doesn’t exist,” said Jessica Peck.

Now an attorney who specializes in family law, Peck once ran for a Colorado Senate seat in 2004 as a Republican but narrowly lost. Later, she would advise GOP candidates and file lawsuits against other candidates or county clerks alleging voter fraud or campaign finance irregularities. In 2012, she teamed up with True the Vote, a conservative organization based in Texas dedicated to uncovering voter fraud.

“Not once did I find a credible systemic allegation of voter fraud and if I couldn’t find it as a seasoned election law expert, I believe it couldn’t exist. I was incentivized to find it, I wanted to find it, I believed it could exist and if I couldn’t find it, I’m not sure that anybody could have found it,” said Peck.

After observing a mob takeover the nation’s Capitol on the false believe it could change the results of the presidential election, Peck thinks she knows what motivated them.

“People who support the storming of the US Capitol last night believe America’s best days are behind them and they feel lost, they feel left behind and they feel disillusioned,” she said.

It was her own disillusion with the Republican Party and its attempt to get her to file lawsuits she knew were baseless that convinced her to leave the party in 2016.

“I’m feeling immense pressure to file lawsuits based on voter fraud that didn’t exist and I couldn’t be part of a system where we are filing lawsuits based on fraudulent claims of voter fraud and that’s what was happening,” Peck said.

She said long before Trump claimed voter fraud was rampant, she discovered it was simply a tool in a Republican playbook with no attachment to reality.

“I couldn’t be a part of it anymore. This is not the GOP that I was part of as a child. I grew up as a Republican, I ran as a Republican. I proudly taught election training,” she said.

Peck said the true fraud was Trump convincing his supporters he won an election he clearly lost.

“If those systems do not work, how is it that the same systems landed Republic victories elsewhere? And that’s the thing Donald Trump cannot answer. It doesn’t take an election law attorney to ask that question,” she said.

Peck doesn’t just blame the president’s election lies for what happened at the nation’s Capitol; she blames every elected Republican who knew the president’s words were false and either remained silent or enabled his election challenges.

“What happened yesterday didn’t happen in a vacuum and these people are perpetuating a series of lies that cost lives yesterday,” she said.

Peck said some of her past lawsuits did help make mail-in balloting more secure but she said any legitimate concerns about mail-in ballots have long since been resolved.