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DENVER — Earlier this month it was reported that Colorado Sen. Brittany Pettersen was the first in the state to give birth during the annual session. A former legislator who served nearly 40 years ago says that’s not the case.

Barbara Holme was one of the youngest senators in Colorado in 1981 and one of just a few women. Her son, Tim, was born just days before the session ended.

“I had hoped to time it so the legislative session would be over but I missed it by two days,” said Holme.

Holme could not cast her vote those final two days but returned just a couple weeks later for a special session.

“I was able to take Tim to the session each day and he just sat in my lap. There were a couple times when he got hungry so I just nursed him on the floor of the senate,” said Holme.

Holme says although her situation was abnormal, she says everyone was excited about her newborn. In a time when she says the legislature was divided, it was a way to bring the two parties together.

“I’m sure there were some people who probably thought that as a young mother I shouldn’t be in the state senate. But nobody ever said anything to me and I did not actively feel like I was being discriminated against in any way,” said Holme.