Former colleagues discuss Lebsock’s past

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DENVER — Politics and service to country are all Steve Lebsock has ever known.

The 47-year-old Democrat joined the U.S. Marines after graduating from Westminster High School, then attended college on the G.I. bill to pursue a life of public service.

His first stop was the Thornton City Council. He was elected in 2001.

“I served four years with Lebsock and sat just a chair away,” said Carol Beckler, a former  Thornton city council representative.

Beckler said she doesn’t have fond memories of Lebsock, but she and several other former councilors said they never witnessed any harassment during Lebsock’s eight years on the council.

“I’ve never seen him do anything like that. If he had, he would have gotten knocked out. The only thing I can say about his is he wasn’t very likable,” Beckler said.

Lebsock said he’s the one being harassed.

“This is coercion. This is blackmail. I did not do anything criminal and I did not sexually harass,” he said.

Lebsock said the allegations being made against him are false, and he does have his supporters.

They include Billie McIntire, who has met with Lebsock numerous times to discuss anti-human trafficking legislation.

“The contacts I’ve had with Rep. Lebsock have been very thoughtful, very genuine, no harassment, not even a ‘Hey baby,'” McIntire said.

However, several other women feel differently, alleging Lebsock has a history of harassment.

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