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DENVER — House Speaker Mark Ferrandino, the first gay lawmaker to hold the post, has taken a job with Denver Public Schools to be the organization’s chief financial officer.

Ferrandino, D-Denver, just finished his final legislative session as a lawmaker although his term doesn’t officially end until January.

He won’t be forced to resign early.

Ferrandino, who served on the legislature’s powerful Joint Budget Commmittee before being elected speaker in 2012, is known around the Capitol as a policy wonk and the prime sponsor of legislation recognizing same-sex civil unions, which finally passed in 2013 after being defeated by Republicans the two previous years.

He’d expressed interest in following Henry Sobanet as Gov. John Hickenlooper’s director of the Office of State Planning and Budget, but Sobanet may be sticking around into Hickenlooper’s second term, should he be reelected this November.

As CFO at DPS, Ferrandino will oversee the district’s annual budget of more than $800 million.

He’ll also be working in education, another policy area of interest for the son of two New York educators.

When he was elected speaker, it marked an historic moment for the LGBT community; but Ferrandino also used the transition to highlight his story of having overcome a difficult childhood in which learning disabilities landed him in special needs classes.

An official release from the district is expected Wednesday afternoon.