Correction: A tweet from the KDVR account incorrectly announced the winner of Colorado’s 8th Congressional District as Democrat Yadira Caraveo Tuesday night. As of midnight, the race remains too close to call.

DENVER (KDVR) — Democrat Yadira Caraveo leads over Republican Barbara Kirkmeyer as of Wednesday evening in the state’s new 8th Congressional District.

Caraveo led with 49% of the vote over Kirkmeyer’s 47.2%, according to the Associated Press. Caraveo led with 94,146 votes to Kirkmeyer’s 90,676 as of 5:22 p.m. — a difference of 3,470 votes. The AP estimates 85% of votes had been counted.

Colorado’s newest congressional district may help determine the balance of power in Washington. Caraveo and Kirkmeyer are facing off in a district that features a large amount of ethnic diversity and is expected to be a politically competitive region.

Both candidates are currently serving in the Colorado General Assembly, with Kirkmeyer in the Senate and Caraveo in the House of Representatives.

Caraveo campaigned on various issues ranging from healthcare and abortion to immigration and energy reform. Caraveo has said she wants to focus on passing a public healthcare option. She opposes the U.S. Supreme Court’s Dobbs decision and wants to see Roe v. Wade reinstated as a national judicial precedent.

As a child of immigrants, Caraveo is critical of the current process to obtain U.S. citizenship. She said she wants a cheaper, less time-intensive route for immigrants to become citizens. She said she wants to increase the federal government’s spending on subsidized housing and raise taxes on businesses and upper-income earners.

Kirkmeyer’s campaign was traditionally conservative in most regards. It focused strongly on taming national inflation, crime and border policy, among other issues. She opposes unrestricted abortion rights and the tightening of gun laws. Kirkmeyer opposes the tightening of regulations in the oil and gas industry, which has historically been a major economic force in northern Colorado.