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DENVER (KDVR) — Colorado voters have decided to allow wine sales in grocery and convenience stores, but how soon will that take effect?

About 80% of states allow wine sales in grocery stores. Colorado will soon be among them after Proposition 125 passed by about 28,200 votes, or 50.6% to 49.4%.

The measure updates the “Colorado Beer Code.” It will make it legal for vendors to sell wine in any establishment that is licensed to sell full-strength beer, including grocery and convenience stores. Still, liquor must still be purchased at a licensed liquor store.

So how soon will shoppers be able to pick up a bottle of red or white at the supermarket? According to the initiative, wine in grocery and convenience stores will be allowed starting March 1, 2023.

Wine in grocery stores passes, other alcohol measures fail

The close race took weeks to be called. It’s the only one of three alcohol measures on the general election ballot that managed to pass.

Voters soundly rejected Proposition 124, which would have phased in unlimited liquor store licenses in the state. Currently, liquor store chains are allowed three locations in the state while drugstores — state-defined as grocery stores with a pharmacy — with liquor licenses are allowed to have eight locations.

More than 62% of voters were in opposition.

Proposition 126 also failed. That measure would have permanently allowed takeout alcohol from restaurants — a new allowance created early in the COVID-19 pandemic. It also would have added a pathway for third-party delivery services such as DoorDash and Uber Eats to become permitted for alcohol deliveries. Voters were more closely divided on this one, with 51% of voters opposing it.