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DENVER (KDVR) — Colorado’s lackadaisical voter turnout on Tuesday’s Election Day was propelled by two items – statewide ballot initiatives and school district races.

The Colorado Secretary of State tallied 1.4 million votes cast, a tepid 32% voter turnout in an off-year election packed with local issues but light on state or national hot button contests.

Only a handful of counties carried most of the votes statewide.

Jefferson, El Paso and Arapahoe counties turned out the most voters. Apart from being among Colorado’s most populous counties, they also simply had more items on which to vote.

Between city, county and state items, each county contained 45-50 races on everything from city council elections to state ballot initiatives.

School districts grew to some of the largest issues outside of statewide races.

The three statewide ballot measures – Amendment 78, Proposition 119 and Proposition 120 – each got 1.2 million votes, by far more than any other issue.

The next two races with the highest voter turnout were Jefferson and Douglas counties’ school district contests.

There was a similar trend at the local level.

In two of the three highest voting counties – El Paso and Arapahoe – school races got more votes than any other issue except the statewide initiatives.