MESA COUNTY, Colo. (KDVR) — Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District is composed of 27 counties. Most of the district is politically split down the middle following the race between incumbent Lauren Boebert and her challenger, Adam Frisch.

Cecily Nordstrom and Madison Miller both live in “blue” Pitkin and Garfield counties, both staunchly liberal.

“I think a lot of it can come down to the lifestyle they were raised in,” Nordstrom said. “Also what they do for work and the communities that they’re involved in.”

Just across the county line, you’ll find Shanelle Hansen, in “red” territory. She owns the De Beque Country Store and has lived there for 17 years.

“We just come from different directions and whether you’re liberal or conservative, we’re all still people,” Hansen said.

A self-titled conservative who makes a delicious sourdough bread, her take on the current political climate in the state and this district is simple: Respect each other, sit back and wait before you judge.

Back in “blue” Pitkin County, Nordstrom, a total stranger, shares the same perspective.

“In the end, most people have the same goals and the same objective, they just have different ways of getting there,” Nordstrom said.

“We’re all still human and we all deserve the same respect from each other, and that’s what we have to remember when it’s all said and done,” Hansen said.