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Prop 115 would ban abortion after 5 months in Colorado; opponents say there is ‘nothing reasonable’ about it

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DENVER (KDVR) — The passing of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is reigniting the debate surrounding Roe v. Wade and whether the landmark ruling could be overturned.

Colorado is facing its own reproductive debate. In a just matter of weeks, voters will decide the fate of a proposition about late-term abortion. Supporters and opponents of Proposition 115 in Colorado say they know more people are watching the movement of the proposal after Bader Ginsburg’s passing.

The proposition would ban abortions past five months of pregnancy with enough ‘yes’ votes this election.

A designated representative of the proposal said she wants voters to know her intent is not to take away the right to an abortion.

“Ginsburg was a great jurist. She did a lot to advance the rights of women. Right here, we are concentrating on restricting late-term abortion. This is something very reasonable, we are not trying to take away the rights of women to decide what to do with their pregnancy,” said Giuliana Day.

Opponents argue the measure would be the first step in removing reproductive health rights.

“It bans abortions later in pregnancy with no exceptions for rape, for risk to a pregnant woman’s health or if she receives a lethal fetal diagnosis. There is nothing reasonable about Proposition 115, it’s cruel,” said Stefanie Clarke, spokesperson for 

The proposition does call for an exception if a doctor says the life of the mother is at risk during the pregnancy. Currently, Colorado does not regulate when someone can get an abortion.

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