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DENVER (KDVR) – A measure asking voters to repeal Colorado’s Gallagher Amendment, which aimed to keep property taxes low but failed to fully fund fire departments and schools, is facing a restraining order by an opposition group. 

The opposition provided FOX31 with this statement:

“This bogus lawsuit being tossed out was as easy to predict as sunshine after a storm,” said Colorado State Senator Jack Tate.

“The political insiders who authored the Gallagher Amendment in 1982 will undoubtedly continue trying to distract and deceive voters about the unintended consequences of the measure. We will keep our focus on sharing with Coloradans the broad, bipartisan support for voting yes on Amendment B to stop the damage Gallagher delivers to schools, first responders and local businesses across the state.”

The committee ‘Protect Our Homes Colorado, No on Amendment B’ says in the citizen complaint that the State of Colorado did not provide a correct analysis.

The statement says the committee “is filing a citizen complaint and motion for emergency restraining order to the State of Colorado, including the Colorado Legislative Council, the Colorado Legislative Council Staff and the Colorado General Assembly, for failing to provide a fair and impartial analysis of Amendment B, repealing the Gallagher Amendment, in the Ballot Information Booklet (the “Blue Book”), as the Colorado Constitution mandates.”

Amendment B is supported by the Colorado Coming Together committee.