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DENVER (KDVR)– If you have looked at your ballot this week, you probably noticed there are two dozen candidates running for president. One of those candidates, Howie Hawkins of the Green Party, talked to FOX31 during his recent trip to Denver.

Hawkins has been with the Green Party for a long time.

“I helped start the Green Party back in 1984. I was one of the original people. In fact, from that very first meeting, I’m the only one who is still around,” Hawkins said.

With much of the public’s attention placed on President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden, Hawkins is calling for his party to get more recognition.

“I’m disappointed that we can’t get into the sponsored debates on corporate media because I think I have something to contribute and I wouldn’t get into this negative stuff that these guys are getting into,” Hawkins said.

2016 Green Party nominee Jill Stein received one percent of the popular vote.

In 2000, critics blamed candidate Ralph Nader for gaining more than 97,000 votes in Florida, where the race eventually went to George W. Bush by a narrow margin.

Hawkins rebuked the notion of the Greens being a party of spoilers.

“It’s not true,” Hawkins said. “If you look at the exit polls, 61 percent of Jill Stein voters would have stayed home. People assume that if we’re not on the ballot, people will vote for Democrats. We mostly bring people to the polls who are disgusted with both parties.”

With the nation facing a pandemic, economic depression and calls for racial justice, Hawkins said watching current leaders handle the issues have him fed up too.

“I say if you want a Green New Deal with the climate crisis, if you want an economic Bill of Rights to end poverty and remove economic hardships, we have peace initiatives to stop this new nuclear arms race where the Doomsday Clock is the closest it’s ever been to midnight. If you are for those things, that’s what we’re for; vote for us!” Hawkins said. “Now, some people are for those things and think, ‘Oh, I’ve got to vote for Biden to stop Trump. If you vote for Biden and you for those things, he’s opposed to those things. You’ll get lost in the sauce, he’ll take you for granted.”

Like the Democratic ticket, the Green Party also has an African-American woman running as a vice presidential candidate. Angela Walker of Milwaukee is a former candidate for sheriff and describes herself as an independent socialist.