DENVER (KDVR) – Sen. Michael Bennet will win another term in his race against first-time Republican candidate Joe O’Dea in the midterm election, according to the Associated Press.

According to polling conducted by FOX31/The Hill/Emerson College at the end of October, Bennet, the incumbent, had a 7-point lead over his Republican opponent.

Bennet was appointed to the U.S. Senate in 2009 by then-Gov. Bill Ritter. He has won two elections since then to hold the seat. In 2020, he launched a run for president but ended his campaign in February of that year after performing poorly in the Iowa caucuses and New Hampshire Primary.

O’Dea, on the other hand, has never held public office. On his website, he describes himself as “a construction CEO, not a politician.”

One of the major issues in this race was the topic of abortion.  

Bennet was a staunch supporter of the recently signed Colorado law that gives a woman in the state the right to unrestricted abortion. He has slammed the GOP for working to undermine democracy and women’s rights. He’s also been helped by having a significant financial edge over the Republican novice. Bennet raised about $20 million as of the end of last month, while O’Dea only had $6.5 million.

Both candidates have gotten some help from outside groups, but Washington Republicans have spent sparingly to back O’Dea — a sign to most political insiders that they feel the seat may be just out of reach for the GOP.

O’Dea, who has been described as a moderate Republican, initially said he was in favor of abortion rights, but he eventually walked that back to say all abortions after 20 weeks should be illegal, aside from those caused by rape, incest or those that pose a risk to the mother’s health.