DENVER (KDVR) — Candidates in close Colorado Congressional races may have to recount votes whether they want to or not.

Colorado is still waiting on the results of two elections following an election night in which Democrats claimed the governorship, U.S. Senate, Colorado House of Representatives, Colorado Secretary of State, Colorado Attorney General and three U.S. Congressional districts.

The two remaining races will determine whether Colorado’s Congressional delegation is split between Democrats and Republicans or heavily Democratic.

In District 3, incumbent Republican Lauren Boebert is trailing in votes behind Adam Frisch, while Republican Barbara Kirkmeyer is trailing behind Yadira Caraveo in the District 8 race.

No candidates have yet said they will want a recount, but Colorado statute allows for recounts and even requires them in close races. It is one of 27 states that require automatic recounts and 43 that allow recounts to be requested.

In Colorado’s case, state statute requires a recount “if the difference between the highest number of votes cast in that election contest and the next highest number of votes cast in that election contest is less than or equal to one-half of one percent of the highest vote cast in that election contest.”

The recount only happens after a canvass board certifies the original count and must be requested within 35 days of the election.

Losing parties in any election may request a recount at their own expense, regardless of the results’ margins. The recount must be requested within 37 days of the election.