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Dr. Jill Biden speaks with FOX31 about students returning to class

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DENVER (KDVR) — One group facing tough decisions during the pandemic is parents.
A group of Colorado moms voiced their frustrations with former Second Lady Jill Biden.

FOX31 exclusively spoke with Dr. Biden about both the president and parents who want kids back in class.

Biden: “It’s so confusing now, parents don’t know what to do. I get calls every day or texts saying, ‘What do I do? How do I handle this? Should I send my kids back?'”

Parents in Colorado are dealing with the headache too.

In Boulder, where cases are increasing in part because of college students, a parent of a virtual learner explained the challenges.

“I bet every other family with a kid working and going to school at home needs more bandwidth as well because it’s hard to have so many people online — but we need more emotional bandwidth. We need the bandwidth to deal with having our kids in our homes, in our space needing things,” said Madeline Cohen.

Biden, who is teaching community college students virtually, said her husband would improve broadband nationally. 

In June, the Trump Administration announced an $86 million investment in rural broadband in eight states, but not in Colorado.

As for the emotional stress, Biden blames a lack of guidance from the top down.

“This is part of the confusion and chaos today in Donald Trump’s America. If my husband were president at this very moment, there would be national guidance and parents, educators and students would know what to do,” said Biden.

FOX31 and Channel 2 reached out to Trump campaign leaders to try to speak to First Lady Melania Trump about her take on learning in the pandemic. We have not heard back from them.

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