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DENVER (KDVR) — Denver has already received a record number of applications for election judge positions ahead of this year’s presidential election. 

Denver has about 1,100 election judge positions available. More than 8,000 people have already applied.

“This is definitely record territory that we’re getting into,” Denver Elections Division spokesman Alton Dillard told FOX31. 

He says the unusually high number of applications is two-fold. First, Dillard believes there is an increased interest in civic engagement. 

“We always just tell people, ‘If you’re curious, come work for us,'” he said. 

Second, Dillard believes the pandemic may be a factor since there are still many people out of work. 

“In the 2008 election we were in a downturn. We had Ph. D’s applying for these jobs that pay $13 to $17 per hour,” he said. 

Roughly one out of eight applicants will get the job this election cycle. Successful candidates will largely be selected based on their availability. 

Republican applicants have slightly better odds.

“This isn’t a partisan statement, but there just aren’t a ton of Republicans in Denver,” Dillard said. 

He wants to be clear: Denver’s Republican Party has been very helpful in putting forth worthy applicants for election judge positions. However, Denver still needs more GOP supporters to fill spots.

“That’s a constant phenomenon,” he said, due to the fact that there are simply fewer registered Republican voters in Denver. 

No matter the year or the election, the pool of election judges in Denver always needs to be equal parts Democrat and Republican. 

“[We] try to get that balance as close as we possibly can,” he said.