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WASHINGTON (KDVR) — Lauren Boebert, the pistol-packing Republican and mother of four from western Colorado, will officially become a member of Colorado’s Congressional delegation when she’s sworn into office Sunday.

Boebert is known to be quite outspoken about a number of issues, especially guns and the Second Amendment. She’s said she plans to carry her Glock handgun in the Capitol.

“I’m five-foot-zero, 100 pounds and I need an equalizer to protect myself against a potential stronger aggressor,” Boebert told FOX31 Friday. “And I choose to protect myself with all of the force that the constitution provides with the Second Amendment.”

A 53-year-old rule allows members of Congress to carry guns. But now, 21 Democrats are pushing to change that. Friday, Boebert sent a letter, with more than 80 supporters, to House leadership asking for guns to continue to be allowed.

“I am my own security,” Boebert said. And if I’m not able to carry my firearm on Capitol Hill, then I’m not able to protect myself (going) to and from work each day walking from my home.”

When asked if she feels unsafe in Washington, D.C. or the Capitol, Boebert said, “This is an interesting city in an interesting time. I’m so grateful for the Capitol Hill police officers.”

So is Colorado Congressman Jason Crow, a Democrat. He took to Twitter Friday to call Boebert’s letter, “a political stunt.”

Meanwhile, Boebert will likely make headlines again next week, when Congress is set to certify the results of the 2020 presidential election.

“I will be objecting to the electoral results on January sixth,” Boebert said. “We have 74-plus million people who do not believe this was a secure, free and fair election. Some of them sent me to be here to be their voice. So that’s exactly what I’m going to do.”

When asked about the 81 million people who voted for Joe Biden and the numerous federal agencies that have said the election was secure and not compromised, Boebert said, “There are many allegations of fraud. There are many irregularities that we are seeing come up. And there are many members of Congress who are attesting to those.”

So far, there’s been no proven evidence of fraud or irregularities that would change the outcome of the election. President Trump and his supporters have lost 59 election lawsuit and all states have now certified their election results.

Boebert also talked about what’s become another issue in Congress — should the federal government give most Americans $2,000 direct payments? Boebert did not answer the question directly, but said this:

“We need to open America. The best stimulus package right now is reopening America. It is devastating what is happening to small business owners. This has been a devastating year for American people, and I don’t think that more bailout and stimulus and socialist policies are what’s going to get us going again. I think the American people deserve far more than $2,000, but where are we going to get all this money? Why don’t we go with $100,000 or $200,000? I know people who’ve personally lost more than that because of government shut downs and government mandates.

“I would like to see a stand-alone bill and the wording of that. I know the American people need the help, but we need to get open again.”