Editor’s note: The story was corrected to reflect that Proposition 125 would allow wine to be sold in grocery stores and Proposition 126 would allow third-party alcohol delivery.

DENVER (KDVR) — Registered voters in Colorado can expect to receive ballots in the mail starting Oct. 17.

The Wellington Webb Municipal Building in downtown Denver also opens its doors for in-person voting Monday. Most other voting locations will open by Oct. 24.

Among the propositions, Coloradoans will be voting on two hot-button issues: alcohol and affordable housing.

The first is Proposition 125. If passed, this would allow wine to be sold in grocery stores. Proposition 126 would allow alcohol to be delivered through third-party apps.

Right now, grocery stores are only allowed to sell beer. Wine must be purchased at a liquor store. Those supporting the measure said this makes it more convenient for shoppers to pick up a bottle of wine. Those in opposition said it will be bad for local small businesses.

For instance, Josh Robinson is the co-owner of Argonaut Wine and Liquor.

“It would be devastating. These are giant cash grabs by huge national multinational corporations to try to export the liquor industry from the local community that’s been running it since the repeal of the prohibition over to themselves. In Colorado, we are hyper-local focused, and we love our local businesses,” said Robinson.

The second big issue is Proposition 123. If passed, this would allow state income tax to be used for affordable housing. More specifically, it would take 0.1% of Colorado’s income tax, which is estimated to be around $290 million.

Those supporting the measure believe it will make it easier to buy a home for the first time through low-interest loans and down payment assistance.

Those against the measure said it’s risky, and believe it won’t work if developers don’t buy in because of depreciating home value or tenants not paying rent.

The last day to mail in your ballot is Oct. 31. After that date, you will need to place it in a drop-box or vote in person.