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DENVER (KDVR) — FOX31 is your local election headquarters and prior to Nov. 2 we are taking a deeper look on what you will be voting on. 

Ballot Measure 2C is focused on Denver’s transportation and mobility system bonds. The measure, if passed, would spend $63,320,000 on pedestrian improvement projects. The improvements would fix damaged sidewalks, improve bicycle safety by renovating existing bike lanes and adding new ones, and add: crosswalks, medians and new traffic signals. 

“They put it on the ballot then they also lumped it,” Patricia Valdez, who is against Measure 2C said. 

Valdez said of course people are going to vote yes on 2C because everyone wants new sidewalks, but she doesn’t like the idea of adding new bike lanes to busy roads like the one in front of her home on Perry Street. 

“Cars and bikes are trying to manipulate the same area on a street, there is only so much room on a street,” Valdez said. 

But for cyclists like Troy Maes, who travels everywhere on bike, said new bike lanes and improving existing ones would be super helpful for those commuting on two wheels. 

“I hope people don’t think it’s stupid or a waste of money as someone who rides a bike everyday it’s something that’s needed,” Maes said.  

Maes said even with bike lanes he still gets nervous riding. He said drivers don’t pay attention.

In 2021 according to Denver Crash Data, three people on bicycles have been killed after being hit by cars on the road and 13 pedestrians have been killed. 

“There is a lot of drivers who don’t care about people on their bikes and they don’t pay attention,” Maes said. 

Another aspect of the measure if passed would reconstruct portions of Morrison Road to create a culture and arts district. Morrison Road is a heavily traveled street for cars, pedestrians and cyclists. 

“It’s very dangerous cause we have a lot of people walking and a lot of kids,” Yuridia Bahena, who works on Morrison said. 

Bahena said she feels like because of all the accidents on the street, it’s pushed people away from using it. 

“Its very hard to cross the street and walk on the sidewalk,” Bahena said.