A closer look at the 1 million early voters in Colorado

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DENVER (KDVR) — States continue to shatter early voting records across the nation.
In Colorado, the Secretary of State’s Office is now reporting 1,102,021 Coloradans have cast their ballots. Some states are pointing to minority turnout as for what could be behind the surge. Is that the case in Colorado? The answer is not as clear as it in some states.

That’s because Colorado does not keep a record of that information.

Community members said they have noticed increased enthusiasm with young minorities this year.

Shawn Bosley with Feed the Streets Denver held registration drives in the Black community during the city’s first fall Black Restaurant Week.

“It was a great turnout,” Bosley said. “We urged folks to come out here to Five Points, drive up and down, come out here and register to vote. If you’re not registered, you can scan the barcode we had to go to the site and be registered to vote.”

“It’s actually funny that they don’t show the numbers because for our age, from 20-25. I’m actually seeing more turnout as far as voting registration events,” Bosley said. “As far as the ‘Be Woke Vote’ events where we are engaging the youth to come out and be involved in the conversation, the fact that the numbers aren’t showing and haven’t been showing that, I’m not worried about it because we are seeing it here in the community.”

Looking at 2019 U.S. Census Bureau data, counties with higher percentages of non-white residents tend to vote earlier.

While some voters said they understand the importance of making their voices heard, they agree with the state’s decision to leave ethnicity out of the mix.

“Black people couldn’t vote. Women couldn’t vote. Now that you have a voice and a platform, you should exercise that right,” said Daniel Harrison Jr. “They should not ask what people’s ethnicity is or things like that because that doesn’t really matter. It’s a person, they have an opinion and they have a voice.” 

Outside of race, we continue to see more women and Democrats voting early. They make up the majority of early voters in Colorado thus far.

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