DENVER (KDVR) — The nation is closely watching the heated race between Congresswoman Lauren Boebert and her Democratic opponent, Aspen businessman Adam Frisch.

The last new drop came in on Friday and hasn’t changed over the weekend, but Boebert’s lead tightened slightly in the last two counts to 1,122.

Colorado County Clerks Association Executive Director Matt Crane told FOX31 all counties involved in this race have finished counting mail-in and Election Day ballots submitted in Colorado.

“Everything is happening according to statute and according to rule,” Crane said.

Now the “eight-day window” begins while military and overseas votes are still arriving.

“So long as they postmark their mail ballot by Election Day counties can receive those ballots back up to eight days after the election and process them,” Crane explained.

Election judges must also identify and address any discrepancies on ballots from across the state.

Officials will be “reviewing every single signature that gets submitted or if a voter forgot to sign their mail ballot envelope then they have until eight days after the election to do what’s called cure, so they can come in and say ‘yes I signed my ballot, no I didn’t sign my ballot’ or in the case of a missing signature just come in and provide their signature and then those ballots can be processed,” Crane said. 

All information is a matter of public record. Election workers thoroughly follow up on any requests for information or verification. 

A concern since past elections is the circulation of conspiracy theories regarding the fairness or validity of results, which can be hyper-focused on tight races.

“One thing we’ve learned especially after 2020 is that bad actors who push the stolen election narrative and the election deniers, they will seize on any bit of lack of understanding about the process to spread those conspiracies and those lies,” Crane said, who emphasizes that it is crucial for all Colorado residents to understand the process of ensuring the validity of the election and verification of each vote.

Votes are counted and verified by citizen poll workers from all parties, including Democrats, Republicans, Unaffiliated voters and Libertarians. Bipartisan watchers monitor the process.

FOX31 reached out to Boebert’s and Frisch’s campaigns, but neither was available for comment.