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DENVER — Controversial Education Secretary Betsy DeVos visited a school in southeast Denver on Wednesday as part of a nationwide tour she is on.

DeVos attracts protesters just about everywhere she goes and demonstrators were on hand when she went to Firefly Autism House.

DeVos’ visit is part of a multistate tour called the ReThinkSchool tour, with stops in Wyoming, Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri and Indiana.

DeVos has been visiting schools to highlight the ways educators are meeting the unique needs of their students.

In July, the last time DeVos was in Denver, she was greeted by hundreds of protesters.

They mobbed the State Capitol and the hotel where DeVos was appearing, carrying signs to support dumping the education secretary.

Earlier this year in Washington, demonstrators blocked DeVos from entering a school, shouting her down as she was taken away by security.

DeVos has come under fire because of her support for school vouchers and what opponents say is her lack of background in education policies.

After her stop at Firefly Autism House, DeVos will go to the Air Force Academy before traveling to Nebraska.